wedding usher directionsUshers. They’re the first smiling face you see at a wedding. Ushers help greet guests, distribute programs, answer questions, and escort people to their seats. Or any of those other essential last minute tasks that you really don’t need to be doing in your wedding gown.

The question we get a lot as wedding planners is “how many ushers?”. The general rule is one usher for every 50 guests.

Now, you are changing the game. A personal usher for each of your wedding guests . Your wedding mobile app gives everyone that level of personal attention, and takes the stress of the wedding events. Your guests will know exactly where to show up, where to park, what the schedule is. If out of town, what are the Top Things To Do in the city during the wedding weekend.
For making it stress-free, your wedding guests will love you even more.

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